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More Boeing Dreamliner Problems



Boeing’s Dreamliner is having issues again … although thankfully this time they have nothing to do with the planes catching on fire.

According to The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier – a.k.a. The Boeing Bugle – the company’s South Carolina Dreamliner operations have been adversely impacted by the partial shutdown of the federal government that began October 1.

What’s the deal? Well apparently the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) staffers who certify new planes were not among the 25 percent of the non-military workforce deemed “essential.” That means new planes assembled at the company’s North Charleston manufacturing facility can’t be cleared for flight.

Also there’s a hang-up with Boeing’s latest taxpayer-subsidized land grab at the Charleston International Airport.

“The $13.8 million deal is awaiting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, and it requires a posting in the Federal Register,” the paper reports. “All the paperwork is in, but the posting has been caught up in the three-day shutdown, county airports director Paul Campbell said Thursday.”

Ah yes … Paul Campbell, part-time Senator.

Obviously we don’t plan on shedding tears for Boeing – a company has made its living fleecing state and national taxpayers. In fact we view its shutdown-related issues as mildly amusing – if for no other reason than company cheerleader-in-chief Nikki “Mack Daddy Planes” Haley can’t really do much whining about the delays.