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“Breaking News” From SC MSM



Reporter Jamie Self of The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper has a lengthy (if not “big”) story up this weekend in which she reveals that legislative leaders in the S.C. General Assembly receive more in campaign contributions than rank-and-file members.

In other words lawmakers who have been elected to powerful positions – like Speaker of the S.C. House, Senate President, House ways and means committee chairman, Senate finance committee chairman, majority leader, minority leader etc. – rake in more cash from special interests than lawmakers who are not in leadership roles.

“Climbing the leadership ladder in the S.C. General Assembly pays fund-raising dividends for powerful lawmakers, according to campaign finance reports filed with the S.C. Ethics Commission,” The State reported.

In fact the story goes on and on … for more than 2,200 words. All to reinforce this basic premise.


Look, we’re all for hard-hitting investigative reporting but come on … this isn’t Woodward and Bernstein, it’s Captain Obvious.

Powerful lawmakers get more campaign contributions than non-powerful ones?

Stop the presses! (No seriously, somebody stop them … or else they will shock the world by revealing that rain is wet, or cats have whiskers).

With all due respect to The State, ridiculously conceived “investigative” reports like this are a total waste of journalistic capital. Of course we all know what happens in this state when reporters dare to do any real investigative reporting …