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No “Lifeboats” For Lawmakers



Reporter Brian Hicks at The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier has an excellent column out this week highlighting the extent to which South Carolina lawmakers wield a frightening degree of control over local government.

In case you missed it, click here.

The focus of Hicks’ piece? The recent appointment of S.C. Sen. Paul Campbell (RINO-Berkeley) to run the Charleston International Airport, a $200,000-plus position that’s paid for mostly with taxpayer funds.

Hicks is absolutely correct. State lawmakers in Columbia have way too much control over local government – sort of like federal lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have way too much control over state government.

Of course he ignores a much more fundamental problem: There’s too much government to begin with.

Seriously … an airport? What business does government have running an airport?

Anyway, Hicks’ column also neglects to mention recent efforts by S.C. Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell – Campbell’s former colleague in the State Senate – to secure his own taxpayer-funded “lifeboat.” With the help of corrupt S.C. Supreme Court chief justice Jean Toal, McConnell is angling to become the next leader of the College of Charleston – despite his utter lack of qualification for the position and several, um, glaring issues.

Enough is enough …

Elected officials focused on securing six-figure taxpayer-funded lifeboats for themselves clearly do not have the best interests of taxpayers at heart. And in addition to the cost of paying them these inflated salaries, we’re also on the hook for whatever government largesse they gave away in the process of securing these positions.

Talk about a corrupt – and costly – process.

Lawmakers should be banned from taking government appointments during – and after – their terms of service. Obviously they are free to run for higher office if they choose, but taxpayers simply cannot afford to continue subsidizing six-figure jobs for members and former members of the S.C. General Assembly.