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Freedomworks: The Shutdown Lie



freedom working

President Obama and the Republican Establishment are throwing a tantrum over the fight to block funding for ObamaCare insisting it will automatically result in a “government shutdown” that leaves America defenseless.

The only problem? It’s not true.

It is up to Democrats to shut down Washington over the President’s legacy. Even still, our country’s security wouldn’t be at risk. Dean Clancy explains why a government shutdown will not weaken America.


Where is Senator Graham?

Lindsey Graham refuses to join Sen. Mike Lee’s fight to Defund ObamaCare. This may be our last chance to stop the health care takeover – and Senator Graham is NOT doing everything he can to protect South Carolina from ObamaCare.

FreedomWorks is giving you the chance to find out why.

Demand a Townhall with Lindsey Graham right now.

town hall

Tell the Liberal Media How You Feel

Chris Matthews called Senator Ted Cruz a “terrorist.”

The MSNBC host believes anyone who is a strong voice for economic freedom and limited government is an actual terrorist.


This is a ridiculous assertion – not to mention offensive. Ted Cruz is not a terrorist. He is fighting to protect America from socialized medicine and astronomical government debt.

Tell Chris Matthews how you feel about his comments.



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