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Palmetto Family Council Speaks On Book Controversy …



We received a statement this week from the Palmetto Family Council – one of South Carolina’s leading social conservative groups – regarding the summer reading scandal that’s currently engulfing the College of Charleston (a.k.a. the “College of Knowledge”).

Below, in its entirety, is the statement we received …

Ten South Carolina colleges assigned books for their freshmen to read. As we reported a number of them selected sufficiently edgy, thought-provoking books. Then there is the College of Charleston’s Fun Home. Were it a movie, it would be NC-17, and not because of its LGBT theme. The nine other colleges in South Carolina (and most in America) chose broad, healthy debate…and common sense. The College of Charleston chose to spend $50,000 in state funds and/or student tuition dollars on a narrowly-focused, cartoon (graphical), borderline pornographic book rarely used for this purpose. What a waste.

As we noted in our report on this scandal, we have no problem with Fun Home.

What do we have a problem with? Government-funded higher education …

If institutions like the College of Charleston were permitted to pursue their destinies in the private sector, it would be up to the marketplace to determine the appropriateness (or inappropriateness) of their summer reading selections.