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Mike Huckabee: “Time To Get Serious”



Dear Friends,

Theories as to the problems in the Republican Party are as numerous as the suspects in an old B&W Perry Mason show. We hear it’s because they won’t support Obamacare or gun control or immigration reform or gay marriage or abortion. But the problem with Republicans is not that they refuse to move farther left and become calorie-free Democrats. It’s that they’ve forgotten to respect and reach out to the people who really make this country work – and here’s a hint: it’s not the guys in the big corner offices.

Republicans need to communicate why big government and high taxes hurt the guys who are building the skyscraper, not just the guy who owns it. They need to explain why educational choice gives the kids of working single moms the same opportunities as kids going to the finest private schools. They need to make it clear what the Democrats’ energy policies are costing them at the gas pumps and in their electric bills.

The GOP’s problem isn’t that it’s too conservative. It’s convincing the masses and the majority that they aren’t invisible. My personal mission through Huck PAC is to help elect men and women who understand this.

If that’s the kind of organization you want to be a part of, I strongly urge you to respond to this email with a donation of $3 or more today to Huck PAC.

100% of your donation will go towards our efforts to elect strong conservatives to office.

So please join me today with a donation in the amount you can afford.

May God continue to bless America,

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Mike Huckabee


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