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SC Ag Commish Under Fire



We’ve stated on numerous previous occasions that the S.C. Department of Agriculture shouldn’t even exist. Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing the agriculture industry any more than they should be subsidizing tourism – no matter how many jobs this investment allegedly “creates.”

That’s the definition of picking winners and losers in the marketplace … which is morally wrong. And something we’d like to add this agency does quite ridiculously.

Anyway, eliminating this department would also eliminate the need for a Secretary of Agriculture, who gets a salary of more than $90,000 a year (not counting his benefits and a state-issued vehicle and gas card) to preside over its totally unnecessary $16.6 million annual budget. It would also eliminate the need for said Secretary to have an office – or for him to spend upwards of $70,000 doing an expensive taxpayer-funded remodeling of said office.

That’s right …

According to our sources, Weathers recently completed a three-month renovation of his office – one that included “fancy finishings and high-dollar lighting from Pulliam-Morris, one of Columbia best interior design firms.”

Wow …

It’s not immediately clear how much cash was spent on the project. Initial estimates from our sources put the total at around $70,000, but representatives of the department were not immediately available to provide their own figure.

Even one red cent would be too much …

Hugh Weathers’ office shouldn’t be remodeled. It (along with his entire agency) should be eliminated. Oh, and that should be step one in a massive drawdown of the Palmetto State’s over-extended state government – with all the savings from this “reduction in excess” placed in a taxpayer rebate fund.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are just waiting to be taken out of pointless bureaucracies like this one and pumped back into the South Carolina free market … if only our “Republican-controlled” General Assembly and “Republican” governor had the courage to live up to their stated ideologies.