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Vacay: Kahuna Cup



See that wave?

I ain’t skeered of it. In fact I’ve ridden bigger – much bigger (that’s what she said).

Bodysurfing is an art that’s been perfected for the last three generations in my family … and like Johnny in Vassar Clements’ classic “Devil Went Down To Georgia,” I really am the “best that’s ever been.” I’ve gone out in all conditions – middle of winter, during tropical storms, you name it.

I ride big waves from far out … and I ride them all the way in. And if you think that sounds sexy as hell, you should see me do it.

How committed am I? My wife (the lovely Mrs. Sic Willie) just waxed my back to minimize resistance people. And it didn’t hurt … not even a little.

Reports of especially ferocious riptides in Myrtle Beach this summer? Bring ’em … I ain’t skeered.

When my family and I bodysurf, it’s intensely physical. We push each other to achieve the best position on the wave (a process known as “jockeying”). Then we punch and grab at each other as the wave breaks in an effort to throw off each other’s timing. And as everyone rides into shore, the violence only intensifies.

The only rule? No rules.

We have bizarre rituals in the water to summon mighty waves, and when they arrive we name them – “Big Ivan,” “Big Irving” and “The Widowmaker,” among others. And we ride them with specific objectives in mind – like the eradication of worldwide communism.

Anyway (cue vacation language) even though FITS will be offline during my defense of the global bodysurfing championship (a.k.a. the “Kahuna Cup”), I’ll be keeping a list of the stories that need to be broken/ covered/ commented upon when I return … so please keep sending your tips, links, comments, questions and suggestions via email or use our new Tip Wire if you prefer sending information anonymously.

I’ll be keeping tabs on all of those submissions …

Also, I’ll be randomly updating my Twitter and Facebook pages while I’m gone … so be sure to sign up for my tweets or “friend” me if you haven’t done so already.

And one final note … not long after my return on July 21st we will be unveiling FITS 3.0, the latest iteration of our ongoing experiment in new media. The upgrade – which is being beta-tested as we speak – will represent a major leap forward for us, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

See you guys soon …