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Kathryn Dennis Goes International



“We’ll feed you to the hounds, to the Daily Mail,” croons Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke in a newer number from one of our favorite all-time bands.

He’s referring, of course, to the United Kingdom’s second-largest daily newspaper – which generates an astronomical 100 million unique visits to its website each month.

Appearing on The Daily Mail‘s website this week? South Carolina’s own Kathryn Dennis – a 21-year-old hottie whose pedigreepolitical activism and widely watched extracurriculars have made her one of South Carolina’s most talked about personalities.

Take a look …

dennis mail

Dennis’ iconic mug shot – which Andy Warhol couldn’t have imagined any more raw or beautiful – came in the wake of her 2012 arrest for underage alcohol possession and disorderly conduct.

In the past Dennis has been reticent to discuss the issue, although we received the following statement from her today in response to the Daily Mail piece …

It has come to my attention that a police mug shot from an arrest several years ago has appeared in one of the largest newspapers in the world. While I fail to understand the fascination people have with this image, I have decided to ‘own it’ rather than complain about it. I would like to point out that the charge against me has been expunged from my record, and more importantly that I’ve learned from my mistakes. Also if friends and fans would like to see truly ‘hot’ pictures of me, please follow me on Twitter where I often post images from recent modeling shoots.

Good for Dennis …

This 6-foot-0, redheaded bombshell continues to evolve … maturing and getting hotter as she does. In fact as we noted in this recent report, Dennis has been working out her already tight body even harder than usual in recent months and is currently in the best shape of her life.

That’s pretty impressive when you consider what she was already working with …