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SC: Hatin’ On Beer



This website’s founding editor gave up the bottle several years ago … meaning the only “beer” he consumes these days is of the non-alcoholic variety.

But just because we no longer partake of the liquid goodness doesn’t mean we support undue restrictions on those who do. We believe any citizen over the age of eighteen should have the right to drink to their heart’s content … and should be able to “pick their poison,” so to speak.

Who doesn’t agree with us? The South Carolina Senate, apparently, which is blocking a bill that would raise the limit of hand-crafted beer that can be sold for on-site consumption to sixty-four fluid ounces a day per patron.

Wait … what?

South Carolina seriously regulates the number of fluid ounces of “craft beer” its citizens are allowed to consume?

Yes …

“Passing this bill will only help our economy by easing regulations on small business and creating incentives for entrepreneurs to get into the industry,” supporters of the legislation note. “South Carolina craft brewers are the perfect embodiment of values held by so many: small, local, value-added, innovative, and community-minded small businesses that provide a place to gather responsibly.”

We concur …

Actually, no … we’d take it one step further.

There should be no limit whatsoever on the amount of any kind of beer any individual or establishment is permitted to sell to any customer. Government imposing these restrictions is not only ridiculous, its a prima facie infringement of individual liberty.


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