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So Those White House Blasts Didn’t Happen



For a few minutes this afternoon, the entire nation (or at least anybody following Twitter) took a deep breath …

Why? Because the world’s largest news outlet – the Associated Press – tweeted that two explosions had taken place inside The White House and that U.S. President Barack Obama was injured.

Take a look …

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ap tweet

Wow …

Six minutes later, however, the wire service’s corporate account sent out this tweet …

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ap update

Hackers from Syria – who recently breached several CBS twitter accounts – are suspected of compromising the AP’s twitter feed and sending out the offending tweet, which caused a brief heart stoppage on the S&P 500.

Take a look …

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s and p

Wow! Talk about the interconnectivity of media and markets!

Anyway, we noticed a disturbance in the “Twitter-force” earlier today as we attempted to retweet the bare midriffs of attractive coeds to our legions of loyal followers.

No clue whether the AP hack was part of a broader problem with the popular social media platform …