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Sanford Blasted For Slamming Rival’s Absences



Former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford had an impressive performance in this week’s first congressional district GOP debate with former Charleston County councilman Curtis Bostic.

Of course he did make one costly mistake …

At one point during the debate, Sanford chided Bostic for his repeated absences as a member of County Council. According to Sanford, Bostic missed “20 percent of his meetings and sometimes 30 percent,” classifying such an attendance record as “poor.”

Wait … Mark Sanford said that? The guy who secretly ditched his state (and then lied about it) so he could bang his mistress on another continent? That guy wants to trash talk somebody else’s attendance record?

Hmmmm …

As it turns out, Bostic had a much better excuse than Sanford for missing work: His wife had cancer.

Ouch … “+2” for Bostic on that exchange.

Of course Bostic made a major miscue of his own during the debate, taking credit for creating a green space program which he claimed relied exclusively on private donations.

Turns out that’s not the case … as more than $211 million in tax money has been spent on the project.

Bostic is also refusing to release his statement of economic interest prior to the GOP runoff, denying first district voters the opportunity to see what sort of controversial interests have been buttering his bread. Sanford released his disclosure form, revealing that he made $130,000 last year as a Fox News commentator.

Recent polls show Sanford with a 13-point lead over Bostic, but we think the race is much closer than that. The winner of the runoff – scheduled for April 2 – goes up against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.