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Todd Kincannon: At It Again



Former S.C. Republican Party official Todd Kincannon is back in the news this week, firing up his critics on the left with a tweet stating it was a “shame” than an anti-war veteran “didn’t come home in a body bag.”

Not only that, Kincannon made it clear what he hoped would happen to the soldier – self-described socialist Mike Prysner – in the event he was ever deployed again.

“I hope if that guy is ever in combat again, the enemy splatters his brain JFK-style,” Kincannon wrote. “He deserves it.”

Ouch …

The latest Kincannon drama – recapped here by The Daily Beast‘s Eliza Shapiro – has prompted all sorts of outcry, including a petition to protect U.S. soldiers from fascist commentary from the right (you know, as opposed to fascist deployments from the left).

Kincannon, a prominent Columbia, S.C. attorney who brands himself as “the Honey Badger of American politics,” has been manufacturing these sorts of scandals a lot lately. Which begs the question … is that evidence of his own depravity? Or evidence of a culture that’s dying to be offended?

“Kincannon tweets morning, noon and night – sometimes all night long,” we wrote the last time he got in trouble. “And he’s almost always tweeting with an eye on creating precisely the sort of controversy in which he is currently engaged.”

Exactly … and the more the left seeks to vilify him for that, the more Twitter followers he racks up.

Ironically, real “Republicans” ought to be embracing Prysner’s anti-imperialism (although not his socialism). After all, warmongering on behalf of a hopelessly inefficient military industrial complex is about the furthest thing from “limited government” we can think of.

In fact some might even call that fascist …


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