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Lindsey Graham And The Lexington Ring?



We don’t believe for a minute that U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) has anything to do with the “Lexington Ring” – a cabal of corrupt politicians and crooked cops accused of running an illegal video poker operation.

Graham is in on much bigger scams, people …

Still, it was curious to see Graham cozying up to Lexington, S.C. mayor Randy Halfacre – one of the local leaders who has reportedly been hauled in front of a grand jury to discuss his familiarity with/ proximity to/ involvement in the “ring’s” shady dealings.

“I think Lexington is one of the best models of what can happen when there’s a strong partnership between the city, the county and the business community,” Graham said.

Ha! That’s rich!

In truth, Lexington is one of the best models of what can happen when you let redneck thugs run local government with no oversight or accountability over their actions.

There’s a “strong partnership” between county government and the “business community” in Lexington, alright … as long as you don’t cross either.

As we’ve said all along we have absolutely no problem with people running gambling operations. Our objection is to the state’s monopoly over the business – and the inconsistent enforcement of that monopoly when it benefits those in power.