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SC Parties Mum On Controversial Court Ruling



For those of you who haven’t been following the “Richland County Robbery,” it’s the saga of how $1.2 billion in new sales tax revenue is about to get sucked out of the central South Carolina economy.

All in the name of “jobs,” or something.

Why do we use the term “robbery?” Because a corrupt cabal of Democrats and left-leaning “Republicans” stole this money, people – a theft which has now been legitimized by the left-leaning S.C. Supreme Court.

(To read our latest stories on the “robbery,” click here and here).

Anyway, we’ve been the only news outlet endeavoring to hold anybody accountable for this heist. Sadly the paper of record in Richland County is “all in” for the pro-tax movement – as is the local “research university.”

Sitting on the sidelines? The state’s two major political parties – both of which feature elected officials who played integral roles in the heist.

FITS reached out to both parties last week seeking comment in the wake of the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling on the “robbery.” And while both parties promised to provide us with statements, we’ve heard nary a peep from either (another shining example of bipartisanshit).

Yup, “see no evil, hear no evil.” Par for the course in corrupt-as-hell South Carolina …

Also offering nary a word on the “robbery?”

The court itself … which issued its controversial decision without comment on the first friday afternoon of spring.