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More On Professor Smarty Pants



A few days ago this website posted a big story on Richard Routh, a professor at the University of South Carolina-Upstate who is allegedly using taxpayer time and resources to promote a hare brained higher education investment scheme.

Not only that, his whole pitch is based around what a bunch of raging idiots his public school students are …

(To read our report, click here).

Since this story published, FITS has been inundated with additional information about this scammer – who is also apparently using taxpayer time and resources to support another one of his “businesses.”

According to his website, Routh is an “executive coach” who gets paid $300 an hour for his services …

Your executive coach will spend anywhere from one to four hours per month with you—whatever works best for your needs and your schedule. Usually this will be on the telephone, but in some cases on an as-need basis, visits to your office can be arranged.

We charge $300/hr. for this executive coaching service. The benefit to your company will typically be noticeable and significant increases in your corporate revenues. You do the math. This investment is a no-brainer for any forward looking executive who wants to have more impact on value creation for his/her company.

The personal and professional benefits to you are a quantum leap in both your effectiveness and the prestige you will enjoy from your boss and among the other CXOs in your company.

Um …

Assuming Routh was doing this in his spare time using his own resources that would be one thing. He’s not, though.

To talk more about getting started, email Dr. Richard (Ric) Routh or call his administrative assistants, Ms. Margarita Rodriguez or Mr. Chance Hughes, at 864-503-5272 to set up a telephone appointment.

That’s a Universityh phone number, people … and not only that the “coaching” classes Routh provides are held “in the Media Center at the USC Upstate Campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina,” according to his website.

As far as we’re concerned that’s “ball game.” Or at least it should be.

Of course this is where things get interesting. According to our sources, “Rodriguez” and “Hughes” – Routh’s “administrative assistants” – are creations of his overactive imagination.

“Rodriguez and Hughes are fictional,” one source tells us. “Routh lets the calls go to voicemail and returns calls.”

Ha! What a scammer!

Anyway, FITS has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with USC-Upstate seeking additional information on Routh’s use of taxpayer resources on his various personal enterprises. We’ll be sure to let you know what we uncover …