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Andre Bauer Did This …



Former S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer turned forty-four years old today (six years old in South Carolina political years), an occasion he marked by removing his shirt and posting the picture on Facebook.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes,” Bauer wrote. “Just finished a jog over the Ravenel Bridge. They say age is just a number. Well today that number is 44 … However it feels like 24. May you take time out to do something for yourself today.”

And here’s the pic …

(Click to enlarge)

andre bauer

Hmmm …

Here’s the real question, though … who took the pic? And how many snaps were required before the ex-Lite Gov was satisfied with the visual?

Inquiring minds …

A former State Senator, Bauer served two terms as lieutenant governor from 2003-2011. Since then it’s been downhill for him politically. He finished fourth in the 2010 GOP primary for governor and was thumped by Tom Rice in the GOP runoff for the seventh congressional district last year.

How does he look with his shirt off, though? To the poll!