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Dems Get Jump Start In SC-1



While sixteen Republicans (including a half dozen or so serious contenders) continue to battle it out for the Republican  nomination, Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is getting a jump on the general election.

The sister of comedian Stephen Colbert launched her first television ad this week, a thirty-second spot highlighting her “job creation” record.

Wait … huh? Job creation? Isn’t Colbert a six-figure bureaucrat at a taxpayer-funded agency? One whose sole mission is restoring a Civil War-era Confederate submarine?

Yeah …

Nonetheless here’s her spot, in which she basically takes credit for there being a port in Charleston, S.C. – and her tangentially having something to do with it.

Take a look …

(Click to play)

“I’ve spent twenty years using our ports to create jobs, selling American products made by American workers,” Colbert-Busch says in the spot.

She later adds, “I’m not going to talk about the jobs we’ve lost, I know what it takes to create new jobs.”

Okay …

First of all we do need to talk about the jobs our nation has lost … and why we lost them (two reasons: here and here). And for the record we also know how to create jobs, but our guess is the reforms we support differ radically from those Colbert-Busch is championing.

Speaking of … what specifically does Colbert-Busch “know” will create jobs? Since her ad doesn’t say, we sent an email to her campaign seeking clarification. We’ll let you know what (if anything) we hear back …