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Nikki Haley Must Remove Pension Board Member



S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, to her credit, has come to the defense of State Treasurer Curtis Loftis – who was censured this week by the S.C. Retirement System Investment Commission (SCRSIC) for having the audacity to tell the truth about the fund’s poor performance, exorbitant fees and corrupt management.

Haley’s office told reporter Adam Beam of The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper the commission’s censure was “unproductive and unprofessional,” adding the governor was “disappointed in the disrespect” it showed Loftis.

Good for her …

Haley has battled bitterly with Loftis in the past, but now that the Lexington Republican has made it clear he’s not running against the governor in 2014 – it appears she is comfortable aligning herself with him publicly.

Again, good for her … but this time Haley must accompany her words with action. Specifically, she must remove her appointee to this board: Ed Giobbe of Aiken, S.C.

Ed Giobbe

Ed Giobbe


For starters, Giobbe not only voted in favor of the censure resolution against Loftis – he introduced it. In fact ever since Haley appointed him to this board, Giobbe has been voting against the best interests of taxpayers – most notably keeping corrupt commission chairman Reynolds Williams at his post despite an ongoing criminal investigation into Williams’ self-serving deals.

He’s pure status quo, in other words – exactly the sort of establishment-backing appointee Haley used to rail against when she was campaigning against the good ol’ boys three years ago.

Then there’s the simple matter of results: Giobbe has blindly supported Williams’ leadership of this commission, which has led to its sub-standard performance and exorbitant fees. So if Haley doesn’t want to fire him for being a sneaky, backstabbing son of a bitch, she can fire him for incompetence.

Given her participation in the intrigue against Loftis a year ago, Haley needs to do more than just condemn the cowardly attack launched against the Treasurer this week – she needs to remove the coward who launched it.

Anything else from her office is more of the same “say one thing, do another” we’ve all grown accustomed to with this governor … and further evidence that she is still in the pocket of the status quo forces leading this commission.

UPDATE: Speaking of “in the pocket,” campaign records show Giobbe has contributed $3,700 to Haley’s gubernatorial campaigns.