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SC-1: “Flame On,” Teddy Turner



We already knew Teddy Turner had a “black people problem.” But does he have a “gay people problem,” too?

While initial reports suggested he might have offered up an insensitive remark targeting homosexuals, audio obtained exclusively by FITS doesn’t appear to support that conclusion.

According to numerous sources, Turner – son of liberal media mogul Ted Turner – made a comment during an address to The Citadel Republican Society last week in which he used the term “flame on” in reference to commanders at the military academy. Several individuals interpreted the remark to be a homosexual slur.

“I know I’ve got a little bit of an ‘in’ being a wearer of the ring and I do appreciate that,” Turner told the cadets. “But not everybody that goes here do we really support. Right? I mean we all know a few jerks in the corps. We all had a flame on colonel. We all, you know …”

Turner pauses as the cadets start laughing.

“It happens, right?” he jokes. “So I don’t give my allegiance blindly …”

(To listen to the audio, click here).

We initially thought we had a big viral scandal on our hands, however numerous sources familiar with the term “flame on” tell FITS it has nothing to do with homosexuality – but refers instead to a superior officer who easily loses his cool over insignificant offenses.

“He was saying ‘everyone has had an asshole colonel,’ that’s all,” one former Citadel graduate told FITS.

Interesting …

Turner is one of sixteen Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for the Palmetto State’s first congressional district – which was vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott.