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Pink Slips In Blythewood, SC?



Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) – a global information technology firm with a sprawling facility in Blythewood, S.C. – has been “quietly laying off dozens of South Carolina employees” over the last twelve months, sources tell FITS.

“The layoffs (are) happening every bi-weekly pay period,” one source familiar with the pink slips tells FITS. “Many of the layoffs are employees that have been there long time.”

CSC has also allegedly been reducing pay and benefits, eliminating flexible work hours and outsourcing jobs from its Blythewood campus, which last time we checked employed several hundred people.

For now, at least …

“Further layoffs and restructuring are about to be announced,” our source says.

Yikes. So … what sayeth the company in response to these reports?

“I’ve spoken with our human resources department and have been advised to respond with a ‘no comment,'” a spokesman for CSC told FITS.

Hmmmm …

Five years ago CSC announced an expansion of its Blythewood facility in conjunction with the S.C. Department of Commerce – creating 300 new jobs. It’s not immediately clear how much incentive money the company has received over the years from South Carolina taxpayers.

In keeping with S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s total lack of “economic development” transparency (particularly when the news is bad), S.C. Commerce spokeswoman Amy Love did not respond to our request for a detailed accounting of taxpayer-funded incentives received by CSC. And neither Commerce nor the governor’s office were available to comment on the layoffs.

In addition to receiving taxpayer subsidies, CSC is one of many firms which relies extensively on government contracts to support its bottom line. How’s business? Not good … CSC posted a $4.2 billion loss in 2012.