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Follow-Up File: National Guard Theft



Multiple sources familiar with a recent theft at the National Guard Armory in Williamston, S.C. are coming forward to identify the State Guardsmen allegedly responsible for the heist.

According to our sources, Command Sergeant Major Robert Suchka and First Sergeant Steve Petrofsky – both of the S.C. State Guard – are being questioned in connection with the alleged theft. One has reportedly even admitted his role in the heist to federal investigators.

The incident took place in “late 2012” – although details of what was stolen have yet to be made public. All we know at this point is no weaponry was taken (which we suppose is the first thing to be concerned about if there’s a theft at an armory).

We’re also told S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom – who in addition to his fiduciary post serves as commander of the S.C. State Guard (despite a Constitutional prohibition against dual-office holding) – “would not discipline these guys or kick them out of the SC State Guard.”

FITS attempted to reach Eckstrom for comment regarding this matter a week ago but our messages were not returned.

As we’ve noted on numerous occasions the S.C. State Guard – which serves in a “support” role to the National Guard – is a totally superfluous entity which ought to be disbanded.