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S.C. State Guardsmen Accused Of Theft



An investigation is currently underway into the alleged theft of undisclosed “items” from the S.C. National Guard Armory in Williamston, S.C. Accused of perpetrating the theft? Two members of the S.C. State Guard – a totally superfluous military organization which is “commanded” by S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom.

S.C. State Guard personnel, who serve a “support” role to National Guardsmen, regularly conduct drill exercises at the Armory – or at least they did until this incident took place. S.C. State Guard drill privileges have been “indefinitely suspended” in the wake of the alleged heist, a source in the National Guard tells FITS.

Neither entity was immediately available to comment regarding the alleged incident – which took place in “late 2012.”

Sources tell FITS a pair of as-yet-unidentified State Guardsmen – one a high-ranking Command Sergeant Major – were involved in the alleged theft.

What did they steal? It’s unclear at this point, although our sources have confirmed no “weaponry” was taken. We’re told some of the stolen items were later sold at pawn shops in the Upstate and at the Anderson, S.C. “Jockey Lot” – a local farmer’s market.

UPDATE: Sources close to the S.C. National Guard have confirmed an ongoing investigation into a theft at the Williamston, S.C. Armory, however we are waiting on an official comment.


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