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SC-1: Curtis Bostic’s Residency Problem



Charleston attorney Curtis Bostic won’t be able to vote for himself in the upcoming Republican primary for the first congressional district.

Why not? According to both his voter registration information and Charleston County property records, Bostic currently resides in a seven bedroom home located at 7218 S.C. Highway 165 in Ravenel, S.C.

Take a look …

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bostic home

Pic: Google Earth

Why does this matter? Because this address is located in South Carolina’s sixth congressional district – which is represented by U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn – not the first district Bostic is hoping to represent in the U.S. Congress.

Earlier this month we gave former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford grief for campaigning in the wrong congressional district … little did we know one of his challengers actually lived in the wrong district.

By law Bostic – a former Charleston County councilman – is still eligible to run for the first district seat. In South Carolina any citizen can run for any congressional district regardless of whether they live within its boundaries or not.

But why would they? And more importantly …

“Why would you vote for someone who doesn’t live in (your) district?” one politico told us. “That’s a deal breaker.”

Bostic’s campaign did not immediately respond to our questions regarding his residency status.

Bostic is one of sixteen Republicans currently seeking the GOP nomination for the first district seat – which was vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott.

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UPDATE: Curtis Bostic has responded to our report: “My residence is not in the first district,” he confirms in an email to FITS. “The Constitution does not require one have residency in the district but in the state.”