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SC Dems Unite Behind Colbert-Busch




Personally, we’d have taken a successful businessman over a superfluous government bureaucrat … but then again we’re not South Carolina’s perpetual minority party.

Palmetto State Democrats have cleared the deck in the first congressional district special election for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch – who draws six figures each year from South Carolina taxpayers doing “business development” for the restoration of a Confederate submarine. Colbert-Busch’s only viable primary opponent – businessman Martin Skelly – will drop out of the race this week and endorse her candidacy.

What’s behind this move? Sources close to both candidates declined to talk to FITS … although it’s clear Democrats believe the star power (and fundraising prowess) of Colbert-Busch’s brother, comedian Steven Colbert, is critical to helping them win this seat.

Colbert-Busch will still have to face a primary opponent, perpetual candidate Ben Frasier, however he is widely believed to be a Republican plant.

Meanwhile on the GOP side sixteen candidates are seeking that party’s nomination for the seat vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott.