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Thad And Candy’s Text Tales: Volume I



thad viers saga the dinner dress

Because we have nothing better to do with our time, this website’s crack staff spent the weekend pouring through thousands of text messages belonging to barbecue heiress Candace Bessinger – the erstwhile lover of former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers (and several other gents, it would appear).

As we noted previously, Bessinger’s text messages (all 4,182 of them) are a treasure trove of information – providing the kind of detail which rarely sees the light of day. Not only are we privy to all sorts of mundane details (i.e. Bessinger complaining about the cable guy being late) and personal problems (i.e. Bessinger acknowledging her use of Adderral to stay awake on the job), they are also loaded with newsworthy items – like Bessinger’s intimate relationship with a political donor of one of Viers’ political rivals.

But the gist of the texts is Bessinger and Viers’ toxic relationship …

Today, in the first of what we hope will be several installments of “Thad and Candy’s Text Tales,” we examine a conversation between Viers and Bessinger that took place in mid-May 2011 – seven months before Viers was arrested and charged with stalking Bessigner. In it, the former lovers argue over repayment of a $12,000 loan Viers gave to Bessinger – and discuss whether they will ever be able to get back together again.

Enjoy …

Candace: Did you call?

Thad: Yes.

Candace: I was in chiropractor. what did u need?

Thad: Just need to touch base on some items. U r busy.

Candace: I mean im working, but what’s up? did jill check po box this week for my checks?

Thad: Everything including today. No cks.

Candace: Wtf…theyu debited my acct last week and i called bank yesterday and they said should be delivered … ill deal with tom… what else?

Thad: Don’t worry about; can be handled later.. U are stressed. Sorry to bother u. Hope u r having good day.

Candace: Im not stressed just been a long week and want to get out here on time today.

Thad: Big date?

Candace: Funny. Just want to be alone and relax.

Thad: Understand.

Candace: I also need my drill sometime. I’ve got stuff I need rehang.

Thad: Ok.

After a break in the conversation – during which Bessinger tells a girlfriend she is “back on adderrall and cig wagon” because she had “2 major trials” that week – the dialogue between the two lovers picks back up …

Candace: I don’t want u to think im giving u run around about paying u due to checks not arriving. I though they would have arrived and u could just write what checks urself in amt i text u but i can certainly just give u cash to avoid further confrontation … Lmk and i can just drop cash off at conway office on monday or text me acct num.

Thad: Would you like to go to pf changs and see pirates of the carribean?

Candace: Um…. where is this coming from?

Thad: A nice guy. Who kinda misses a girl.

Candace: U don’t miss me, u dont even like me. Ur prob just lonely.

Thad: I do miss u and I do like u.

Candace: Its been a good week not having any contact or any drama … im not real eager to start back up again …

Thad: I am not asking for sex … just dinner and a movie.

Candace: I guess we can catch up over some changs if u promise no back talk. :-P. dont feel like movie really.

Thad: u laying out today?

Candace: Was supposed to meet (redacted) at beach but my neck is killing me … worst been in long time.

Thad: U were going to beach? My neck hurts as well. And no back talk … really?

Candace: What time do u want to meet there? I cant believe u played the changs card.

Thad: I will pick u up.

Candace: Thats really not nec … what time u thinking?

Thad: Why r u acting like we are mtg to catch up like friends? Bf are suppose to pick up their gf’s … silly.

Candace: Pls stop … freindship is all we have right now. If you cant handle that then maybe we shouldnt meet up

Thad: What?

Candace: Im sorry i never meant to hurt u. I do love u and im very thankful for u. I want u to find someone who truly deserves all u have to offer.

Thad: I want to be with you u just can’t treat me like that. We both have needs and mine is affection and kindness …

We’ll pick up the conversation again soon …

Oh, and if you think Viers is syrupy, wait until you read the texts from Chris Johnston – the Andre Bauer donor Bessinger was allegedly seeing on the side.

Stay tuned …