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More GOP Sex Fun … (UPDATED)



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An Alabama woman who accused a former South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP) official of sending her unsolicited images of his erect penis apparently posted some racy images of her own on the internet.

How racy? We’re talking the female equivalent of the full Monty, people …

The woman – who claims to be a staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives named Sara Kate – posted the X-rated images to a photo sharing service associated with her Twitter account, the since-deleted “@GOPGirlRants.”

Bizarrely, Kate also posted screen shots of a pair of emails from FITS founding editor Will Folks – who contacted her several months ago in an attempt to verify her claims regarding the SCGOP official, former party attorney Todd Kincannon.

Here’s “Sara …”

(Click to enlarge)


Kincannon has steadfastly denied the allegations, whereas Kate refused to discuss them with us when we contacted her via email. So we never wrote a story about the allegations.

According to multiple sources, a woman named “Sara Kate” is employed by the U.S. House of Representatives – “working in communications for the House GOP Conference in the new session.” She’s an Auburn graduate, we’re told, and has a Facebook page.

The drama began in the early morning hours Sunday, when Kincannon revealed the existence of Kate’s X-rated images via this Tweet …


Two hours later (after being pummeled incessantly by Kincannon and his Twitter followers), Kate removed the images from her profile. Not long after that her Twitter account disappeared. By 5:00 a.m. Sunday, she had reportedly been admitted to a hospital (according to an update a friend posted to her Facebook page).

(Click to enlarge)


Hmmmm …

UPDATE: For those of you interested in cutting to the chase, here is the very, very, VERY NSFW money shot … accompanied by the suggestive invite “wanna come play?” Meanwhile here’s a screen grab of Kate’s various X-rated poses (and the emails from our website’s founding editor.

UPDATE II: Here are close-up images of two additional NSFW pics …



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