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SC House “Republicans” Fall Short On Fiscal Conservative Votes



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Last week we took a look at the abysmal scores recorded by “Republican” members of the S.C. Senate on the S.C. Club for Growth’s 2012 legislative scorecards. This week we look at the scores put up by the S.C. House of Representatives – which is also controlled (in name anyway) by “Republicans.”

According to the Club’s rankings, an astounding thirty-nine GOP legislators earned failing grades (i.e. scores below sixty out of one hundred) during the 2012 legislative session. For the record, these fiscal liberals were …

Liston Barfield (59), Eddie Tallon (58), Shannon Erickson (57), Dwight Loftis (57), Don Bowen (56), Tracy Edge (56), Jimmy Merrill (56), Mac Toole (56), House Ways and Means Chairman Brian White (56), Gene Pinson (55), Bill Whitmire (55), George Hearn (54), Mike Pitts (53), Chip Limehouse (52), Mike Sottile (52), Mike Forrester (51), Andy Patrick (51), Tom Corbin (50), James Harrison (50), Nelson Hardwick (49), Steve Parker (49), Mike Gambrell (47), Kris Crawford (46), Kit Spires (46), Thad Viers (46), Chris Murphy (45), House Labor Commerce and Industry Chairman Bill Sandifer (44), House Speaker Bobby Harrell (42), Joan Brady (41), Bill Herbkersman (41), Tommy Pope (41), Bill Crosby (40), Jenny Horne (39), B.R. Skelton (38), Steve Moss (37), David Tribble (33), Doug Brannon (32), Eric Bikas (31), David Hiott (30).

That’s right … more than half of the “Republican” majority in the S.C. House of Representatives received a failing grade on the most prominent fiscal conservative scorecard for the S.C. General Assembly.

Cue the excuses in 3, 2, 1 …

Obviously we take every scorecard we receive with an ocean of salt, but historically the Club’s rankings have been fairly reliable indicators of a lawmakers’ commitment to the taxpayers’ bottom line. One exception this year? The “A+” score awarded to S.C. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-York). Apparently the Club forgot to include Norman’s vote in support of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s infamous “Savannah River Sellout” on its scorecard.

On this controversial vote Norman was the only lawmaker to back Haley – who basically sold a private sector port in South Carolina down the river to pave the way for a government-run port in Georgia (and get herself a prime time speaking slot at last year’s GOP convention). The “Savannah River Sellout” vote was one of last year’s most cut-and-dried free market tallies, and to award Norman an “A+” in light of his decision to back Haley strikes us as highly hypocritical of the Club.