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High Heels: This Explains A Lot …




For those of you new to this website, our founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) has a serious obsession with women in high-heeled shoes.  In fact his addiction eclipses even the legendary shoe fetish of Dom “Woogie” Woganowski from 1998’s Farrelly brothers’ comedy There’s Something About Mary.

Wait … it’s been fourteen friggin’ years since There’s Something About Mary came out?  Damn we’re getting old …

Anyway, we’ve never understood this shoe obsession – except to say it’s painfully obvious women in high heels make FITS founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) very, very happy.  Overjoyed even.  In fact there are some very nasty and totally true rumors out there insinuating certain well-placed images of high-heeled shoes have dictated this website’s coverage.  Of course these completely founded allegations have always struck us as totally irreproachable …

Ah, the joys of being “Unfair, Imbalanced.”

Examining this shoe fetish from a scientific standpoint is a new study from a research team at the University of Portsmouth (yes, they get government funding) – a study which concludes high heels “may exaggerate the sex-specific aspects” of a woman’s gait.

Wait … gait?

For those of you educated in a South Carolina government-run school, gait is the pattern of human limb movement during locomotion over a solid substrate.  Or “walking.”   Sorry … we didn’t mean to blind everybody with science just then.

So … what did these researchers uncover?

“We investigated the hypothesis that one motivation for women wearing high heels is that it artificially increases the femininity of gait,” the Portsmouth researchers reported. “We isolated the effects of heels on gait using point-light methodology. Females were recorded walking in flat shoes and high heels. Participants viewed point-light videos of the women wearing the two types of shoe. Participants judged the females in the heels condition as significantly more attractive (with a large effect size) than the females in the flat shoe condition.”

Large effect size? Why thank you.

“Biomechanical analyses revealed that wearing high heels led to increased femininity of gait including reduced stride length and increased rotation and tilt of the hips,” the researchers continued.

Mmmmmmm …

“We conclude that high heels exaggerate sex specific aspects of female gait and women walking in high heels could be regarded as a supernormal stimulus.”

There you have it, people.  Women wear high-heeled shoes for the resulting “sexywalk.”  And let’s be honest … God bless them for that.  We wouldn’t want to live in a world full of ballet flats and Jack Rogers.

UPDATE: Here are a few pics of the lovely Mrs. Sic Willie‘s latest high-heeled shoes … and yes, we’re still amazed he scored like this too.  Miracles never cease do they?



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