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Is Mister “Read My Lips” Dead Yet?




George H.W. Bush – one of the original status quo “Republicans” whose betrayal of core free market convictions helped ruin the Grand Old Party – is spending the Christmas holiday in a Houston, Texas hospital.  Is the 88-year-old former president on his deathbed?  No one seems to know … although there’s no denying that the party he once led needs to be put out of its misery.

Bush’s infamous betrayal of his famous “Read My Lips: No New Taxes” pledge was the beginning of the end of the “Republican” party as far as we’re concerned – paving the way for the fiscal excesses foisted on taxpayers by his son, two-term president George W. Bush.

Under “Bush 41,” as the elder president is known, federal spending (and deficits) soared – as they did under “Bush 43.”  Yet in GOP la-la land both of these aging RINOs are viewed as elder statesmen – principled “conservatives” who forged a “New World Order” against all manner of “evil doers.”

Yeah …

“Someday President George H.W. Bush might realize how beloved he is, but of course one of the reasons why he is so beloved is because he has no idea,” the former president’s longtime spokesperson told the Associated Press.

Ummm, what?

We won’t argue with the “no idea” diagnosis, but the last time we checked 37.5 percent of the popular vote (Bush’s 1992 showing) did not constitute “beloved.” Nonetheless Bush’s aide says he’s the recipient of an unprecedented stream of “prayer intentions.”

“I am thinking heaven has not seen such a barrage of prayer intentions since ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,'” she said.

Oh dear God, woman … please put something in your word hole.  Pronto.

We don’t wish death on anyone – no matter where they reside along the political spectrum.  Accordingly we hope this decrepit relic recovers from whatever is ailing him – and enjoys many more years of life alongside his super-wealthy friends and family up in Kennebunkport.  Hell, we’ll even keep fighting against tax hikes on him and his yacht club buddies – including a massive increase in the “death tax” set to take effect in three days time.

We do, however, maintain the big spending government interventionism he and his son championed during their years in the White House has contributed mightily to the rapidly escalating collapse of this Republic.  This is why his party needs to exit stage left and make way for a party that actually believes in limited government, less spending and lower taxes.

And yes, both Bushes are welcome to “read our lips” on that point.


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