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Richland County Rigged Vote: The Latest




Richland County, S.C. election officials – who as far as we’re concerned are the modern day inverse of Jim Crow – are claiming to have “found votes” and “found machines with votes” in the wake of last week’s clusterfuck of a general election.

For those of you keeping score at home … there is no score.  That’s because Richland County has yet to complete an initial count from last week’s vote – in which the county flagrantly violated state law by failing to place enough operational voting machines at specific precinct locations.  And given that the machine shortages were almost exclusively confined to precincts that opposed a $1.2 billion tax hike proposal, the county’s failure to follow the law has prompted allegations of voter fraud – as well as calls for a new election.

So where did these new “found votes” come from?

“Several voting machines were not closed by poll workers on Election Day,” a source familiar with the ongoing debacle tells FITS.

In fact Richland County Election Commission officials are currently huddling with executives at the Chernoff Newman public relations firm in an effort to cobble together a press release detailing the “found votes.”

Chernoff Newman, of course, is the agency that has been aggressively pushing the $1.2 billion sales tax hike – so we should obviously trust whatever they tell us, right!

We’ve seen rampant corruption in South Carolina over the course of the last decade – a.k.a. the “Lost Decade” – but up to this point that bad behavior has been confined exclusively to the administration of government, not the electoral process.

The “Richland County Rigged Vote” of 2012 is the first time we’ve seen this state’s shameless appetite for government growth actually violate the sanctity of the ballot box.

UPDATE:  The S.C. Supreme Court has just issued an order instructing Richland County to complete its initial count (and certify the results of that count) by noon on Friday.  At this point, we view these impending results – and Richland County’s electoral integrity – with roughly the same level of confidence we would ascribe to a friggin’ Somalian or North Korean election.