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Massive Pay Raises For University Of South Carolina Bureaucrats




University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides isn’t the only “higher educrat” getting a massive pay raise this year …

According to an expansive report published in The Daily Gamecock, hundreds of administrators and faculty members at USC are getting huge raises this year – annual salary increases over and (well) above the 3 percent pay raise awarded to all state employees in this year’s biggest-ever South Carolina budget.

Thad Moore – the news editor for the student newspaper – reports that nearly 200 administrators and faculty members at USC got raises of $10,000 or more this year.  Moore’s report also reveals that nearly 75 of these employees were already earning more than $100,000 a year.

“USC handed out raises well above the state-mandated 3 percent, with some top administrators receiving upwards of 20 percent more money this year, according to analysis of data provided by the S.C. Budget and Control Board under an open records request,” Moore reported.

Getting big bumps?  The school’s general counsel, chief financial officer, “associate vice president for research” and “associate vice president for research,” among others.

In addition to these pay hikes, earlier this year it was announced that Pastides had received a $125,000 raise – bringing his total salary to more than $724,000 a year.

Amazing isn’t it?  South Carolinians are still taking it on the chin – with household incomes shrinking last year – but these bureaucrats are getting fat pay bumps?  And getting them despite the University of South Carolina’s plummeting academic position and its ever-escalating investment in failed command economic boondoggles?

Unreal …

According to USC’s vice president for communications, Luanne Lawrence, most of the raises were “associated with a significant change” in the employees’ job descriptions – however she did not immediately respond to a request for details about several of the most controversial raises.  Meanwhile Pastides told The Daily Gamecock that many of the raises were designed to retain talented researchers.

Whatever the reason, in this current economic climate these raises area totally out of line – even if USC’s academic standing was rising, not slipping.