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Steve Benjamin To Announce Reelection Bid



Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin is making a “major political announcement” next week, and while the scandal-plagued Democrat is keeping his cards close to his vest – multiple source familiar with the announcement tell FITS he is not announcing a gubernatorial campaign.

That would mean Benjamin is most likely announcing his candidacy for reelection in November 2013’s mayoral race.

Benjamin campaigned on transparency in government three years ago (when transparency was the cause du jour), but he abandoned the issue well before taking his oath of office. Also Benjamin is a command economist who believes in purchasing jobs with tax dollars as opposed to creating them via a friendly business climate.

Of course those traits shared by most South Carolina politicians – “Republicans” and Democrats.

What distinguishes Benjamin in the pantheon of corrupt South Carolina politicos? His proximity to a shady pro-gambling cabal – as well as the supporters of a recent rigged tax hike election. Then there’s the way he celebrates his electoral victories … and the “side pursuits” he’s rumored to enjoy.

Running against Benjamin this November? City councilman Moe Ba … bu … (we can’t spell the guy’s name) and Larry Sypolt, a former FBI analyst.

Benjamin’s decision pretty much paves the way for a rematch of the 2010 gubernatorial race between incumbent “Republican” Nikki Haley and Democratic State Senator Vincent Sheheen.

UPDATE: The other guy running against Benjamin is named Moe Baddourah.