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Rose Petal Murder: Blurred Lines

What happens when a murder victim is not who you think she was?

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This week, we released the fifth episode of FITSFiles – our new true crime (and corruption) podcast. This episode continues the saga of the ‘Rose Petal Murder’ – the savage slaying of 41-year-old Christina Parcell in Greer, South Carolina. It explores in detail the flawed victim of this tragedy – a woman whose violent and untimely death opened a Pandora’s box of unspeakably evil deeds.

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FITSFiles tells the stories beyond the headlines – uncovering previously unknown facts, gleaning undeciphered meaning and demanding unprecedented accountability over the individuals and institutions who are parties to the stories we cover.

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Eschewing agendas, egos and self-interest … we let the stories guide us, telling them as best we can, based on the best available evidence.



This week’s episode raises questions about the criminal activity revealed by the Parcell murder investigation – criminal activity that victimized Parcell’s daughter and another minor child. It discusses the allegations of deviant sexual behavior involving Parcell. That includes shocking photographic evidence discovered by law enforcement at the scene of the stabbing which resulted in the arrest of Parcell’s fianceé – Bradly Post – on nine criminal charges including sexual exploitation of a minor, criminal sexual conduct with a minor and buggery.

Parcell had been the target of a long-term campaign of stalking and harassment carried out by the father of her child, John Mello. Mello was an expert practitioner when it came to stalking – a skilled puppet master who not only followed and tormented Parcell – but appears to have compelled others to do the same. It was a pattern of behavior Mello demonstrated long before his obsession with Parcell began. His first wife and her family and friends lived in fear of Mello because of the excessive, aggressive and threatening words and actions he used against them.   

At the same time, Post was a psychosexual predator who covered the expensive attorney fees for Parcell’s ongoing custody battle with Mello – making her ever more indebted to him.

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Christina Parcell (Facebook)

Is that what was responsible for her transformation from bubbly, charismatic vet tech to a participant in providing fodder for a deviant child porn/ abuse material ring?

Did Post force her to participate in the despicable deviant sexual activities that seemed so out of character for Parcell?  Was she drugged or coerced? And were the photos – the evidence of these perversions – intended to be blackmail? 

Considering Parcell was involved in an unceasing battle with Mello over the custody of her daughter, why would she allow such evidence to exist?  This week’s episode of FITSFiles explores these questions and more as we endeavor to understand the victim in this case – and those she appears to have victimized with Post.

FITSFiles is written, produced and hosted by our team of dedicated journalists: Research director Jenn Wood, special projects director Dylan Nolan, researcher Callie Lyons and founding editor Will Folks. New episodes drop every Wednesday morning. Be sure to like and subscribe to FITSFiles on your podcast platform of choice (including AppleSpotifyGoogle and others) so you won’t miss a single episode.



Callie Lyons (provided)

Callie Lyons is a journalist, researcher and author. Her 2007 book ‘Stain-Resistant, Nonstick, Waterproof and Lethal’ was the first to cover forever chemicals and their impact on communities – a story later told in the movie ‘Dark Waters’. Her investigative work has been featured in media outlets, publications, and documentaries all over the world. Lyons also appears in ‘Citizen Sleuth’ – a 2023 documentary exploring the genre of true crime.



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