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Letter: Chad Caton Was A Hero At ‘Rock The Red’

FITSNews’ claim that he overreacted is “ludicrous …”

RE: ‘Rock The Red’ Fallout

Dear Editor,

‘Rock The Red’ is a rally not a protest. This was not the time nor the place to be protesting against guest speakers.

If Matthew McDaniel wanted to protest, he should have organized one.

Everyone in attendance was very well behaved and wanted to be informed by the speakers. We all paid a lot of money to attend. It was an awesome event and I plan to attend other events in the future.

We are in the days where countering extremism is a must in our society. The radial left are burning down our cities, and yet we are expected to politely ask them to stop. In this day and time we need to be aware of our surroundings. As proud Patriots we are supposed to step up quickly and efficiently to deescalate any potential danger!

The paid guests had no idea how much potential danger was before us and I thank God that we had True American Patriots among us!! All in attendance owe Chad Caton a big thank you, for he is truly a hero among us!!

As for (the claim) he overreacted, this is completely and totally ludicrous. I will refrain from explaining how to execute a body slam but the videos show this statement to be a lie!

What if McDaniel had a gun? Many could have died. Caton didn’t have time to pat McDaniel down for weapons. He had time to defend his general, his friends, and himself. I am proud to be in any crowd right beside this man!!

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Josie Parker



Josie: Thank you for your feedback. Based on the video footage of this incident, I continue to believe Chad Caton overreacted to the alleged “threat” posed by this particular protester. Having said that, I certainly acknowledge that you – as a witness to the event – have a perspective worth sharing with our readers.

I hope you will always be willing to weigh in on the stories we cover here at



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