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Letter: FITSNews’ Unproductive Generalizations

“Stick with the facts …”




Dear Editor,

In the article that was posted today about cops, I saw much of the same logical, reasonable content I have come to expect from your news outlet. I agree with a lot of what you say – not because it makes me feel good or because it promotes my agenda, but because it’s true and based in fact.

However, today you wrote something that is as much a part of the problem as you’re trying to paint on others. 

“Sadly, cops and courts in the state of South Carolina – and the politicians who preside over them – are inherently (and perhaps irredeemably) corrupt.”

Generalizing some group of people in order to try to promote your viewpoint is never productive. There are so many underlying issues with the justice system in SC, but corruption is a negligible fraction of it. Most of the justice system you see is simply hard working individuals doing their best to promote justice in a terribly flawed system while being ill-equipped by the state to do the job.

Please stick with the facts that I’ve come to respect you for using.




Drew: I appreciate you taking the time to write – and you make a fair point. While I would argue corruption is more than a “negligible fraction” of the issues with South Carolina’s broken justice system, you are correct to point out that our article did contain some generalizations – and that those generalizations could be seen as unfair to the hard-working individuals you reference. Thanks for the feedback and for holding us accountable!



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