Fake SCDOT Facebook Page Draws Laughs, Confuses Readers

Spoof account way better than the “real” page …

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is a joke, people.

Don’t believe us? Just travel any Interstate highway – or tool around on one of the Palmetto State’s rural roads. You would probably fare better on a bombed out runway in war-ravaged Syria.

(Ugh … don’t get us started on Syria).

Seriously, though: Drive into Georgia or North Carolina and you will immediately notice how much better the roads are there … even though our state’s leaders are about to enter the third year of a massive gasoline tax hike (and the fourth year of a huge borrowing bill) aimed at “fixing our roads.”

Florida’s roads are even better … and somehow the Sunshine State manages to do it without an income tax.

In the Palmetto State, though, all we get is more expensive failure … just like South Carolina’s worst-in-the-nation government-run schools.

Hell, things are so bad here SCDOT literally has to purchase positive press.

Anyway … earlier this week we were directed to an interesting entry on a Facebook page labeled “South Carolina Department of Transportation.”

Apparently, our tipster thought this page – which is a spoof account – was the real SCDOT Facebook page, and was aghast at some of the items being posted. Among the references that stood out to them? One claiming the S.C. General Assembly was funding the agency “with an EBT card.”

Which is a reference to the welfare state …

We tooled around the spoof page a good bit and have discovered it to be authored by one (or more?) of the funniest – and most insightful – government critics we have ever read.

Take a look at some of its memes …

(Click to view)

(Via: Facebook)

Hilarious, right?

The posts are even funnier …

“Isis has attacked one of our bridges!” the authors of the page wrote in response to a particularly alarming pothole picture submitted by a reader. “We must combat this terrorism with asphalt! Let’s make our highways great again! Let’s all do our part to defeat highway Isis!”

“We’ll be coming to a pothole near you, maybe,” another post noted, referencing a recent “pothole blitz” that was exposed as a sham by The (Columbia, S.C.) Nerve.

“I think we’re going to need a bigger asphalt mixer,” the authors of the page noted in response to one reader’s suggestion as to which roads in South Carolina were in need of repair.

(Click to view)

(Via: Facebook)

Another post offered a particularly funny take on customer service …

“Here is a link where you can all whine about your roads and we can ignore it,” the post read, linking to a real SCDOT maintenance request page. “Just stop calling our office, we’re not home right now!”

Again … hilarious.

Of course the best part of the page is not necessarily the content being posted – it is the responses from unsuspecting readers who have been duped into believing the entries and responses are actually coming from the government agency.

“I don’t even find this funny,” one commented in response to a recent post.

“Your results speak for themselves, they suck!” another wrote. “You all ‘patched’ a hole by my house last week and it literally lasted less than 24 hours!”

“You guys are a joke!!!!” another added. “If this your pride in fixing something we are in deep trouble around this state.”

That is true. We are in deep trouble in South Carolina … but this page is actually doing citizens and taxpayers a profound service by exposing just how terrible an agency the SCDOT really is.






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