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Will Folks: I’m Suing To Overturn South Carolina’s Gas Tax Hike




Today, I’ve reached a big decision – one I believe will have far-reaching implications for the citizens and taxpayers of South Carolina.  And while there are are plenty of attendant details yet to be settled as to its particulars, the underlying question is no longer in doubt.

I’m doing it …

Within the next few weeks, attorneys working at my direction will file a lawsuit challenging Act 40 of 2017, which for those of you not hip to bureaucratic-speak is the formal name for the massive tax increase which went into effect in the Palmetto State on July 1.

You know … the gas tax hike.

My website vigorously opposed this new levy – which will drain $1.8 billion from our state’s economy over the next six years (and $600 million annually thereafter) – for any number of compelling reasons.  Most significant among them, I believe this regressive tax hike will be devastating to our state’s struggling economy – hurting cash-strapped taxpayers who will now be on the hook for a flood of new borrowing.

Unconstitutional borrowing, at that … with no guarantee the proceeds will actually go toward fixing our roads.

I cannot speak yet as to the specifics of this forthcoming action, except to say I do not plan to involve any of the attorneys who are currently engaged in our ongoing source protection case.  Those eminently capable counselors will remain focused on that battle, which is absolutely essential to the ability of all media outlets in the Palmetto State to protect their confidential sources.

What I will say is this: I am supremely confident of victory.

And I am supremely confident this victory will change the way our “leaders” do business in Columbia, S.C.

As soon as our complaint is filed in the proper jurisdiction, I will post it on this website and make the attorneys who prepared it at my behest available to members of the media.

Stay tuned … this website’s ongoing fight to protect the best interests of the citizens and taxpayers of South Carolina is not only continuing, it’s about to jump to a higher energy level.

Will Folks is the founding editor of the website you are currently reading.



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