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FBI Saga: Democratic Narratives Shredded




There’s plenty of heat in Washington, D.C. this week over president Donald Trump’s decision to fire Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey.

Which is interesting because the last time we checked Trump had (or at least should have) the right to hire or fire anyone he pleases within the executive branch of government – for any reason he pleases.

Like him or not (and we’ve had some less-than-favorable things to say about him recently), is he not the “chief executive?”

Nonetheless the far left – which just last year was calling for Comey’s head – has suddenly shape-shifted into his staunchest supporter.  Hell, some Washington liberals are even calling for Trump to be impeached over the decision – believing Comey’s firing was attempt by Trump to impede or undermine the FBI’s ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

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Hold up … we’re still talking about this Russian nonsense?

Apparently so …

Putting much of the insanity to bed – at least for the moment – was acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, who testified before the U.S. Senate “intelligence” committee this week.

“There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date,” McCabe told Senators.

McCabe also shot down suggestions that a Watergate-style special prosecutor was needed to take over the Russian investigation.

“Is is my opinion and belief that the FBI will continue to pursue this investigation vigorously and completely,” he said.

Asked directly whether the agency needed “someone to take this away from you and somebody else to do it,” McCabe bluntly answered “No, sir.”

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Finally, McCade flatly dismissed reports in The New York Times alleging that the FBI probe into the Russian allegations was insufficiently funded – and that Comey could have been fired for requesting more money to complete it.

“I’m not aware of that request and it’s not consistent with my understanding of how we request additional resources,” McCabe said in response to questions about the Times report. “That said, we don’t typically request resources for an individual case. And, as I mentioned, I strongly believe that the Russia investigation is adequately resourced.”

Of course while Trump’s White House heard much it must have liked from McCabe, he also refuted some of its spin – notably the suggestion that the Russian probe was “one of the smallest things on the plate of the FBI.”

Not so, according to McCabe, who called it a “highly significant investigation.”

Once again, though, Trump was his own worst enemy – throwing a bone to discredited Democrats by telling NBC’s Lester Holt that he had planned to fire Comey “all along.”  That comment directly contradicted his prior statements that the decision was based solely on the recommendations of U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

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