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Limestone College Goes PC Crazy




You’d think the South Carolina Upstate would be immune to the out-of-control political correctness sweeping across America’s institutions of “higher learning.”

Seriously … it’s no secret leftists are in charge at the Palmetto State’s big government-run institutions (Clemson University and the University of South Carolina), but is there really snowflake rage accumulating in the Bible Belt boondocks?

At private Christian schools located in the rural part of the state, no less?

Yes …

Welcome to Limestone College – a private, four-year coeducational campus located in Gaffney, S.C.  In this idyllic small town, a “population of marginalized students” claiming to have “not been adequately served” by their school has submitted a list of demands to Limestone president Walt Griffin and his “cabinet.”

Get ready to be “triggered,” people …

“We, the students of Limestone College, experience marginalization by this institution through manifestations of athletic supremacy in the form of unfair medical or reasonable treatment for student’s physical and emotional health needs,” the students’ demand letter begins.

Wait … emotional health needs?

Good God … here we go …

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In their letter, dated April 6, these students also claim to experience “marginalization through the manifestation of tuition increase(s),” – from which they demand to be exempted.

(Of course they don’t argue for exemptions on behalf of freshmen – or incoming students).

Meanwhile, the letter includes an all-too-familiar demand for the “institutionalization” of diversity at the school.

“We demand that Limestone College hire more faculty and staff members of color and other diverse backgrounds in each department,” the letter reads.  “We (also) demand that there is representation of students of color in the hiring process.”

Sheesh …

“Limestone College student government has lost it’s mind,” a source familiar with the situation told us, arguing that the organization had been “taken over by some wild leftists.”

That much seems clear …

Of course to us the real story isn’t the ridiculous PC language and predictable liberal demands, it’s the fact that this is happening in Gaffney, S.C.  

Banner via Limestone College