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Freedom Partners Supports School Choice Week




Arlington, VA – A quality education is one of the most important things for the success and happiness of today’s children. Expanding school choice creates a level playing field for all children while also providing equal opportunities for all students regardless of their addresses or their parents’ incomes.

Freedom Partners Executive Vice President James Davis issued the following statement on School Choice Week outlining the importance of improving choice, access, and accountability in education:

“All Americans can agree that our children need and deserve the best education possible. Quality education is essential for the innovation and entrepreneurship that will be required to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. That’s why empowering parents and students with the freedom to choose the best school that fits their needs is so important, not just for their future, but for building a brighter future for all Americans.

“School choice puts parents and students in control of their education, it improves quality by increasing competition, and it creates accountability for educators and institutions who are lagging behind. When schools and teachers compete and students are given more choices to find the best school for them, we all win. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. America’s next generation deserves access to an education that readies them for success.”


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