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Todd Kincannon Saga: The Latest




Over the holiday weekend, we reported on the latest drama involving former South Carolina “Republican” party official and social media firebrand Todd Kincannon.

The controversial Palmetto State attorney – whose license to practice law in South Carolina was suspended last August – is accused of stealing his estranged wife Ashely Griffith‘s dog and holding the animal hostage unless she agreed to a joint “canine custody” agreement.

Kincannon is accused of abducting the dog, “Noodle,” in early May and refusing to return him to Griffith unless she acknowledged his co-ownership of the animal – and granted him equal custody.

A family court judge ordered Kincannon to return the dog to Griffith on July 2 – but he failed to comply.  Next, police attempted to retrieve the dog from the Simpsonville, S.C. home where Kincannon lives with his parents – but were told by his mother, Roxie Kincannon, that Kincannon had left with the dog.

Griffith has posted a $500 reward for any information leading to the recovery of “Noodle.”

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Kincannon – the self-described “Honey Badger of American Politics” – has gained national infamy via his unfiltered (and at times unhinged) Twitter account.  In fact, his original Twitter account remains blocked by the social media giant’s PC police – although he returned to Twitter earlier this year and his newest account already boasts nearly 9,000 followers.

Kincannon was due to appear before a magistrate in Irmo, S.C. last week for a pre-trial hearing related to his 2015 domestic violence arrest – but he failed to show.

As of this writing his whereabouts – and the whereabouts of “Noodle” – remain unknown.

This website has always liked Kincannon.  We’ve admired his intelligence and have always appreciated the role he plays in the marketplace of ideas (even when we haven’t agreed with what he’s had to say).

As we noted last fall, “we continue to hope Kincannon gets the help he needs.”

We still hope so … although at the moment our primary concern is the safe return of Griffith’s dog.