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Lee Bright: Bathroom Politics




We lost a lot of respect for S.C. Senator Lee Bright during last year’s debate over a piece of pro-life legislation.  Bright, who claims to be pro-life, filibustered the bill … arguing it wasn’t pro-life enough.


Look, we’re all for uncompromising positions … in fact, we are repeatedly accused of adopting them at the expense of more “practical” views.  People are always telling us “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” to which we always respond “whatever.”

Those people piss us off.

Anyway … uncompromising positions are usually worth admiring, in our view.  But when we’re talking about not saving lives because we’re angry not enough lives are being saved.

Well … that’s indefensible.

Bright is back in the news this week, though.  He’s pushing a bill that would effectively prohibit local governments from regulating the use of public restrooms by transexuals.

You read that right … Bright is seeking to empower state government with the means of blocking local municipalities from regulating their own public restrooms.

“Home rule?” one Senator mused. “More like homo rule!”


“Years ago we kept talking about tolerance, tolerance, and tolerance, and now they want men who claim to be women to be able to go into bathrooms with children,” Bright said.  “And you got corporations who say this is okay.”

Frankly, we don’t care how local governments choose to regulate public restrooms … which are among the friggin’ nastiest, smelliest places in the world (more evidence of government dysfunction).  To the extent we do care, it strikes us as a home rule issue. Either way, Bright’s bill is nonsense politics as far as we’re concerned … needless provocation of a small group of people in an effort to rally impressionable social conservatives under his banner.

Meanwhile real issues get shoved a little bit further on the back burner …