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Closed Captioning: "F*ck Old John Kasich"




Ohio governor John Kasich – a.k.a. “Medicaid Jesus” – is making a push for relevance in early-voting South Carolina, hoping to crash the “Republican” establishment battle between former Florida governor Jeb Bush and the Sunshine State’s U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio.

Are his efforts working?  Maybe …

The latest polling shows Kasich within striking distance of Bush for fourth place in the Palmetto State’s pivotal “First in the South” presidential primary – and he’s got a pair of new commercials up in the hopes of sustaining his momentum following an unexpected second-place finish in early-voting New Hampshire.

We don’t the facts are on Kasich’s side, but who knows … maybe by some miracle he winds up the establishment GOP candidate who punches a ticket out of South Carolina to continue campaigning in a three-way race with frontrunner Donald Trump and evangelical favorite Ted Cruz.

If so, he might want to call the closed captioning folks at YouTube …

Specifically, whoever typed in the closed captioning for Kasich’s new “100 days” ad …

john kasich

Whoa … “fuck old John Kasich?”

That sounds like a mash-up of elder abuse and mature porn if you ask us (wait, no, mature porn is Cruz’s latest ad, isn’t it).

Oh well …

For those of you keeping score at home, the ad’s narrator asked viewers to “Buckle Up” in anticipation of all the dramatic changes Kasich plans on implementing over his first 100 days in office.

Clearing something pretty significant got “lost in translation.”