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You “can’t get killed where you ain’t.” And you can’t get captured where you ain’t, either …

But America – which still has dreams of being the indispensable global power – doesn’t seem to get that.

The recent capture of ten U.S. Navy sailors in waters claimed by Iran is an international embarrassment.  The images of American military personnel on their knees?  It is beyond humiliating – a testament to the “New World Order” into which our nation has somehow slipped.

If this is how U.S. soldiers are treated – imagine what they will do to unarmed American citizens?

The fact the incident was ignored by U.S. president Barack Obama in his final State of the Union address (and by S.C. governor Nikki Haley, who gave the official “Republican” response to his speech) was also inexcusable.

So … what happened?

It’s not entirely clear yet …

“Either the naval leadership put these sailors in an impossible situation or the sailors are professionally incompetent,” a retired Navy commander told CNN.

We concur … albeit using a different definition, no doubt.

The “impossible situation” is the same one we see across the Middle East – and in Europe and the South China Sea.  It is America’s failure to recognize that its policy of perpetual global interventionism has failed.

Wait … are we “doves” like our hero, former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul?   No … we believe in taking aggressive action when America is threatened.  But as we’ve said repeatedly, it is not America’s job to make the world “safe for democracy.”  Or to subsidize the national defense of European nations or Israel.

Or to keep pretending our “allies” aren’t complicit in the most egregious attacks against us …

As stated previously, we simply don’t believe it makes sense to spend trillions of tax dollars (that we don’t have) on wars of occupation that have failed to do anything but make our enemies stronger and angrier at us.  Nor do we believe it makes sense to spend hundreds of billions of additional money we don’t have defending Israel and other countries while simultaneously flooding the Middle East with weapons (many of which wind up in the wrong hands).

And even if those things did fall under our job description, our country can no longer afford the price tag …