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AFP Urges SC Lawmakers To Oppose Gas Tax Hike




There’s been a major development in round two of the debate over raising the gas tax in South Carolina …

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), one of the groups that fought hard against the tax increase during the 2015 legislative session, sent out an email to its supporters this week signaling its advocacy was ongoing.

“We will fight the continued waste and the unnecessary requests for more of our hard-earned money,” the email, sent from AFP’s South Carolina policy director Vanessa Anderson, noted.

Anderson reiterated AFP’s call for the elimination of the S.C. State Infrastructure Bank (SIB), a political slush fund that’s been repeatedly used to subsidize non-essential new construction at the expense of long-overdue paving and maintenance.

The result of that ongoing lack of prioritization?  Yeah …

And for the first time ever, South Carolina’s mainstream media has joined the effort to expose this scam … a potential game-changer in setting the tone for the debate at the S.C. State House.

Speaking of … the most important part of Anderson’s missive?  Its call for continued opposition to a gas tax increase – something many political observers believe became inevitable after S.C. governor Nikki Haley reportedly dropped her objection to the proposed levy.

“Call your legislator today and tell them to vote ‘NO’ on all plans that include a gas tax hike,” Anderson wrote.  “Urge them to adopt our reform agenda so we can finally fix our roads.”

(To view that agenda for yourself, click here).

Let’s make no mistake: AFP didn’t stop the gas tax hike from becoming law earlier this year, S.C. Senator Tom Davis did that.  But the organization does have tremendous resources it can bring to bear in this battle – and if it is willing to engage the fight again heading into 2016, that’s good news for Palmetto State taxpayers.

This website hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with AFP – and we’ve committed “conservative” heresy by criticizing its founders, billionaire industrialists Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch.

But on the gas tax issue, there can be no denying that the organization has been consistently on the side of right … and its presence has impacted the debate in a positive way.

Let’s hope they ante up and kick in … because this fight is going to need all the allies it can muster.

UPDATE: Wow … looks like AFP’s job just got a lot easier.