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BTW Nikki Haley Was In Georgia During “Floodmaggedon”




After some initial criticism, S.C. governor Nikki Haley has been given high marks for her handling of “Floodmaggedon” – the record rainfall and subsequent flooding that rocked the Palmetto State earlier this month.

But does Haley really deserve the credit?

Eh …

One extremely questionable decision she made?  Leaving South Carolina for Georgia (her favorite state) as the brunt of the deluge bore down …

According to an item buried in The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper’s weekend wrap-up, Haley “left South Carolina for a Republican Governors Association’s retreat in Sea Island after giving a media briefing about the threat of flooding at the S.C. Emergency Management Center on Oct. 2.”

She didn’t return to the state until October 4 …

You know?  We’re not going to make that big a deal out of this.  Why not?  Because as important as politicians believe themselves to be, they’re effectively useless in emergency situations.

Seriously: They sign orders, regurgitate information from first responders and ride around in helicopters high above the damage.

Not much to it …

Still, for Haley to leave the state (to attend a political event) at the height of this crisis shows extremely poor political judgment.  Of course as our readers may recall there was a lot of that going on in South Carolina during “Floodmaggedon.”

The most interesting part of this story?  That the mainstream media took more than two weeks to report on Haley’s absence …

We wonder … how would South Carolinians have viewed her “emergency response” had they known she skipped out on us two weeks ago?