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Todd Atwater For Governor?




Todd Atwater is a “Republican” member of the S.C. House of Representatives.  He was elected in 2010 to represent District 87, which is located in Lexington County (the seat formerly held by Nikki Haley).  A fiscal liberal, Atwater has consistently backed higher taxes and bigger government.

Why are we telling you all this?  Because according to our sources, Atwater – a former status quo lobbyist and special interest operative extraordinaire – is plotting a campaign for statewide office in 2018.

In fact Atwater nearly ran for lieutenant governor in 2014, but opted against it when Haley’s chosen No. 2 Pat McKinney got into the race.

He’s not waiting this go-round, we’re told …

If Atwater opts for governor, he’ll become part of a very crowded field.  Numerous high-profile names are said to be eyeing the seat, and if even half of the prospective candidates follow through and enter the race – it’s going to be a hugely entertaining, expensive affair.

How could a third-term state lawmaker like Atwater hope to be competitive in such a race?  Money.

This guy is joined at the hip with the Palmetto State’s wealthiest, most entrenched special interests.  For years he advanced their agendas as a paid hack, now he’s advancing their interests inside the legislature.

Make no mistake, they will reward him if he runs …

Pic: Travis Bell Photography