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Columbia SC Councilwoman Leona Plaugh: Cancer Update



Columbia, S.C. councilwoman Leona Plaugh is one of the only members of her municipal government who puts the best interests of citizens and taxpayers first.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of “leaders” in the South Carolina state capital subscribe to a different philosophy.  And because these ethically challenged officials are the ones running the show … the city is suffering.

Anyway, complicating the situation is the fact Plaugh has cancer …

As we noted back in July, she was in Houston, Texas as doctors continued to do battle with the disease.  After discovering a lump in her right thigh in May 2014, Plaugh underwent surgery at Emory University Hospital last August.  Throughout her cancer treatment and surgery, though, Plaugh hasn’t slowed down one bit when it comes to taking care of constituents and standing up to the city’s liberal leaders.

Through all sorts of pain and distraction, she’s been able to keep focused and keep doing her job.

She’s also sought to participate remotely at meetings of the council to which she was duly elected.

Blocking her at every turn, though?  Steve Benjamin, the city’s notoriously corrupt mayor.

Well, this week sources tell us Plaugh will be making a major announcement regarding her cancer – and sadly, we’re told the announcement is not a good one.

We don’t have details, but we’ll bring you what we know when we know it …

In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Plaugh and her friends and family.  We would also urge Benjamin to summon some humanity and stop trying to block Plaugh’s participation in city government.

Agree or disagree with her pro-taxpayer positions (and we enthusiastically agree), her willingness to continue working for the good of the citizens against odds like this should be greeted with respect – not road blocks – from her fellow city leaders.