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Another “Effing Loser” Plate …



|| By FITSNEWS || Did you know former members of the S.C. General Assembly were eligible for special license plates?

They’re called “Former Legislator” tags, and they can be applied for at the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) – an agency which leads the nation in doling out specialty plates.

No seriously … there’s an application these ex-legislators can fill out (.pdf here).

Why would anyone want one of these plates?  That’s a good question.

Based on the Palmetto State’s chronically abysmal economic standing, these plates ought to be the equivalent of “kick me” signs.  Or “rear-end me” invitations.

Wait … that doesn’t sound right …

Anyway, former S.C. ways and means chairman Dan Cooper used to call these “former legislator” plates by another name: “F*cking Loser” tags.  And yes … that may be the only redeeming thing Cooper ever said.

Oh well .. if you see one of these tags (or one of the current “Legislator” license plates), be sure to tell them “thanks for nothing.”

Well, nothing but a bigger burden …